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Emily Hutchinson grew up in Eastern Jackson County, attending high school at Grain Valley High School. While attending college at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, she excelled in her legal courses and was encouraged by her professors to pursue the law as a career. Emily’s passion for the law was solidified competing on her university’s mock trial team, where she won an All-American Attorney Award. Emily enjoys thinking “outside the box” to reach the best outcome for her clients within the constructs of the legal system. During law school, Emily advanced her legal skills, receiving awards in client counseling, legal writing, and advocacy. Emily also clerked for both the Western District and Southern District of the Missouri Court of Appeals.

Since law school, Emily has continued to gain experience in the legal field. She has also been an adjunct instructor for Ozarks Technical Community College since Spring 2009. Emily feels that being an educator enhances one’s ability to present cases to the court and advocate for one’s client. She finds it equally important to make sure clients understand each step of their case and what to expect throughout the legal process. She understands that this can be a trying and uncertain time, and strives to alleviate some of that stress by taking the time to explain the process to her clients.