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A criminal defense lawyer who works for you.

Tracy chose to become a criminal defense attorney because she wanted to ensure everyone has a fair chance to tell their story. She understands there are many reasons someone might wind up on the wrong side of a courtroom and it doesn’t mean they are a bad person or someone who deserves a harsh punishment. Tracy makes sure clients receive the best possible outcome when their license or livelihood are on the line.

Fighting for you in the courtroom.

Tracy wants to make sure you get a fair day in court. She will make sure police procedures were properly followed, examine evidence against you, and thoroughly review your case for any issues. From there, she will help you make an educated decision about how best to move forward. There are many ways a punishment can be handed down if punishment is even necessary, and Tracy will fight to find the best situation for you.

A story of success and involvement.

Tracy is very involved in the Kansas City legal community, donating countless hours to organizations like the Association for Women Lawyers, Legal Aid of Western Missouri, and Going to the Dogs. Her past work experience includes time at Channel One News and Dateline for NBC Universal before working for City Councilman Jim Glover and serving at the Kansas City Prosecutor’s Office. She also ran her own law firm for three years prior to joining The Gordon Law Firm. When Tracy isn’t practicing law, she enjoys spoiling her three dogs, attempting to work out, and judging everyone who goes on The Bachelor.