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Gaining Legal Rights To Your Child

Unwed parents may need to establish legal paternity to provide their children with access to child support, health insurance and other benefits. In some cases, an unwed father files a paternity suit to obtain custody or visitation rights to his child. Regardless of your reason for filing, it is best to have an attorney help you through the process.

As a Kansas City, Missouri, paternity law firm, we represent mothers and fathers in paternity actions, whether they are seeking or contesting paternity. With our experience in family law, we can help you with the paternity suit as well as child custody and child support.

Paternity, Child Custody And Child Support

An unwed father must establish paternity if he wishes to gain legal rights to child custody and visitation. Mothers must establish paternity to give the child the right to child support from the father.

You can seek to disprove paternity in a reverse paternity suit. There is a strict statute of limitations in Missouri to disprove paternity so it is important to speak with an attorney today if you wish to file a reverse paternity suit.

After legal paternity is established, the parents can file for child custody and child support. Parenting plans are required in Missouri child custody cases. This is a comprehensive document detailing the rules of the parenting plan. It must include schedules for visitation, including weekdays, weekends, vacations, holidays and extracurricular activities.

Child custody is divided into legal custody (making decisions regarding school, religion and health), and physical custody (with whom the child lives and who has visitation). In many cases, the court grants joint legal and physical custody, unless there are concerns about parental fitness or another serious issue that is not in the best interest of the child.

Child support will also be awarded after paternity is established. We can assist you with the initial determination and modifications.

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