Child Custody And Support Modifications

Significant life events can throw off the balance of a comprehensive divorce order. Whether you are facing job loss, bankruptcy, a medical emergency or relocation, it might be necessary to adjust certain aspects of a divorce decree. At The Gordon Law Firm, LLC, our family law attorneys can guide you through this process efficiently and professionally.

The two aspects of a divorce order that are commonly modified are child custody and child support. It is not uncommon, however, to change these factors after a significant financial change. A significant change in wages — increase or decrease — can make agreed-upon child support or spousal support payments untenable. Our staff of dedicated professionals can guide you through a custody modification, child support modification or any other change to the divorce order.

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It is not uncommon for individuals to attempt to resolve these matters outside of the legal system. While reaching a compromise with your ex-spouse might seem like the easiest way to proceed, it is important to remember that these verbal agreements are not always legally binding. What happens when one party refuses to honor the arrangement that he or she agreed to?

If you proceed through the legal system, the modifications are enforceable by the court. You have a legal document that clearly spells out the changes and each party's obligations. Contact a lawyer at our firm to discuss your options and the best way to proceed.

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People often wait too long to contact a lawyer, allowing the case to get more complicated and challenging with time. Do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help.

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