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Divorce And Military Divorce Representation

When we meet with a family law client, we begin by talking about your legal needs and your goals for the outcome. In some cases, clients are more concerned about preserving the relationships involved rather than winning at any cost. Others are primarily interested in getting what is rightfully theirs. Each of these circumstances requires a very different strategy and approach.

Before we take action on a family law or divorce case, we let clients know what they can realistically expect to achieve. It is important to understand what is possible so you do not spend too much money on an unlikely outcome. We know that it can be difficult not to let emotion affect legal decisions, but part of my job is to help you make good choices for your future.

Property Division And Spousal Support

As a veteran, Robert E. Gordon, understands the importance of issues such as the division of military retirement benefits as well as maintaining a relationship with your children through a fair child custody agreement.

The division of marital property is one step in the divorce process. First, we must separate marital and nonmarital assets. The court considers anything purchased with marital funds to be marital property. Exceptions include assets you owned before the marriage and gifts from family members. Marital property is divided equitably, which means "fairly," not necessarily equally. We will help you determine which assets are marital property and which are separate property.

Spousal support (alimony) is becoming less common, but is granted in some cases. Judges are more frequently granting spousal support for a limited time to help one party become financially independent by acquiring necessary training or education. Factors in determining support include the length of the marriage, and the education and earning capacity of both parties.

In addition to divorce, we can assist you with child custody and child support. We can also help you with modifications to these orders post-judgment.

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