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You Can Fight DWI/DUI Charges

If you are convicted of DWI/DUI, you will face penalties such as expensive fines, the loss of your driver's license and potential jail time. This is not the same as getting a traffic ticket. It is a serious matter with consequences that can affect you for many years.

We are a Kansas City, Missouri, DUI defense law firm, Robert E. Gordon, LLC. Many people do not understand that pleading guilty to DWI charges is the equivalent of a conviction. You have the right to challenge the charges and to speak with an attorney before you decide to plead guilty or not guilty. We will represent you during your criminal case and the administrative case dealing with the driver's license suspension.

DWI Consequences And Penalties

A first offense for DWI is a class-B misdemeanor in Missouri. The penalties for a first DWI conviction include:

  • Up to six months in jail
  • Fines up to $500, not including court costs
  • Substance abuse classes
  • Driver's license suspension

You have just 15 days from the arrest to request a license hearing with the Missouri Department of Revenue. At the hearing, we will contest the license suspension and try to restore your driving privileges. If the suspension is upheld, we can help you apply for a hardship license after 30 days.

The penalties for subsequent DWI offenses are much harsher and include the installation of an ignition interlock device on the driver's vehicle. Installation and maintenance of these devices is expensive and will add to your overall DWI costs.

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